Air Asia - India to Bangkok

Air Asia - India to  Bangkok 

Air Asia

This was my first fight with Air Asia. Air Asia Is one of the major low budget airlines in Asia. Sometimes they offer dirt cheap fares,  but I had few apprehensions before  flying with them for the first time. I heard that they are very strict at charging for every kilo over the stipulated weight limit.  I also came to know that the seats are not comfortable and offer very less leg space.

Its 1:30 am and I am at Kolkata airport. Today I am going to fly to Bangkok with Air Asia. This is going to be my first flight with Air Asia. This is a low budget carrier and gained lot of popularity because of its dirt cheap fares. It has recently come to India. That's my aircraft, which is flying from Kolkata to Bangkok's Don Mueang Airport.

Air Asia

Because of this airline, many Indians. who couldn't afford the full fare airlines earlier can do air travel now. Although there are still many doubts related to Air Asia For eg., some of my friends told that the leg space is very less... also there is always a fear of hidden charges with this airlines. Also, they are very strict to the weight of the luggage. You have to pay an exuberant amount for every single Kilo over the stipulated limit AFAIK, they allow 7 kilo in the cabin. Although I had a different experience today. This bag weighs 8 kg. No one asked to weigh Probably due to the size of the bag is small So, Today I am going to check all these things personally Is the leg space really less ?? Do they sell better seats at a premium during the flight ?? I am going to check how affordable is Air Asia actually !! I will also check the same, while coming back from Bangkok to India.. I will share the experience in the coming blog.

 Now its time to leave... Almost everyone has boarded by now Let's see. How will be my first experience with Air Asia Now, I am ready to board the aircraft.This is my boarding pass and these are my 2 small bags.. which have all the things for the next 8 days of my trip and my aircraft Flight departure time is 2:30 am.

The leg space is almost like other airlines. My bag has fit inside this space almost without any problem. Seats are comfortable.... Aircraft looks new .. Overall ambience is quite soothing. Till now I haven't got any reason of NOT flying with Air Asia. The flight crew is Thai. Announcements are being done in Thai and English and this is the first time. I am seeing advertisements on unconventional places in the aircraft.

See those overhead cabins.... and the tray table... Not a bad way to earn money! Its 4:20 AM... we have reached Bangkok Cabin lights are getting dim and there I can get glimpse of the Bangkok city. Its 4:20 AM (Indian time) and 5:50 AM in Bangkok and we have landed at the Don Meuang airport of Bangkok.

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