Air Asia - Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur

Air Asia: Kolkata to Kuala Lumpur

This article about my journey from kolkata to Kuala Lumpur by Ak 62, operated by Air Asia. Read the full Article to know about - 

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Last time I visited Thailand because of cheap flight tickets and easy visa procedures. Here fight  announcement is so loud ! I forget what I was saying. Because of cheap flight tickets and easy visa procedures, I am going on another foreign trip This time to Malaysia Thailand offers Visa on Arrival for Indians Malaysia has also started an easy process for Indians to get visa in advance.

Visitors are required to do online pre-registration called 'eNTRI' Go to this website Fill up the online form make the payment online You are done! Take the print (loud announcement) Keep the print out with you Show this to the airlines and immigration authorities they will allow you to fly. You have to show this eNTRI document at immigration in Malaysia also.

 Its 10:40 pm My flight departs at 12:45 am. I have found this place to charge my mobile and relax This place is near gate number 12A. Here paying  music is so loudly  !! Airport Authority at Kolkata should look into this. I am trying to access Airport's free WiFi. They sent me an OTP on my mobile number. I have entered the OTP and got free access for 29 minutes.

If  you use 2 numbers, then you can use this facility for another 30 minutes. I don't know why but this WiFi is not working in my laptop. I am calling their customer care number. Even the customer support people couldn't help me. I am feeling sleepy Its 11:30 pm, Its 12 am Flight will depart at 12:45 am. So now I should go towards my gate. Now I just saw some of your comments .  Now I am going to board the flight. Today I met 1 of my blog reader.

This flight is AK 62 I've got a window seat. Now I can sleep comfortably 7:30 am From here.

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