Bangkok to Ayutthaya - 15 baht in a train

Bangkok to Ayutthaya - 15 baht in a train 

The cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is an ordinary train.  For me, the train fare was just 15 baht.  Read this full blog to know how to travel between Bangkok and Ayutthaya and how to  travel between Bangkok and Ayutthaya and how to travel in an ordinary  train in Thailand! 

This is platform no. 7 of the Bangkok train station. I am going to travel  to Ayutthaya by train. Its departure time is 14:05 hours & now the time is 13:40 hours.

 It is the time to take my seat. I am spending only 15 baht to travel between Bangkok and Ayutthaya in this train. I am looking for a Tourist Information guide. The waiting hall of this station is Air-conditioned Official name of 'Hua Lamphong' train station is 'Bangkok' railway station. These are some shops on . There are the ticket counters on both the sides of the entrance gate. I've got the ticket now It mentions - Train no 207, Departure time 14:05 hrs, Arrival time 1600 hrs, 3rd class, Fare 15 Baht, From Bangkok to Ayutthaya.

 This is platform no 5 These are platform number 3... 4..... 5... This is my train Unlike India, the platforms and train are not at the same level still, because of the slanting steps it is not difficult to get inside these coaches. The space is very narrow. Let me tell you how an ordinary train in Thailand look like.

 There are the toilets, near the entry/exit gates. Toilets have a washbasin inside. This one is western styled toilet. The passage is very narrow. There was no water inside the toilets, but its available here. The train seems quite neat and clean Seats are still lying vacant last time. I travelled in an ordinary train from Bangkok to Aranyaprathet, which is the last station near Cambodia border. There is no one in this coach. Here  is the luggage rack Seats on my left are for 3 & right are for 2 passengers. These overhead fans are blowing hot air because the weather is quite hot now. This coach seems different from others.

It is spacious and more airy. This board mention the name of origin and destination station. So this is also a 3rd class/ordinary coach. I am going to utilise the remaining time for sending 'couch request' in Ayutthaya Smoking and consuming alcohol is not permitted inside the train. That train is also ordinary one, but has a Pantry car/Restaurant coach Possibly, that is a long distance train and there comes the Engine of my train. Its 13:50 hours and still 15 minutes are left in the departure time of this train. Weather is hot and humid 'Khap khun krap' means 'Thank you' in Thai Train has started moving and now I can feel the cool breeze..

 Then i see  Bangkok city.. The person sitting there also seems quite excited like me :) He is also peeping outside of the window like me. The coaches in front of me are the 2nd class. They are air-conditioned. The view from outside of my window is like a place in Delhi.. It is looking like Mathura road between Tughlakabad and Okhla stations What is this gentleman doing here !

 I purchased Nutella from a store in MBK Centre .I keep this spread while travelling like this Just spread it on a slice of bread... and enjoy it Its 16:15 hours I have just got down from this train at Ayutthaya This is a prominent tourist place in Thailand The train took 2 hours and 15 baht to reach this place from Bangkok Now lets see how this train station is! Thats a Waiting hall These are meant for sitting. Don't try to sleep on them ;) That seems to be a hostel Ayutthaya seems to be an overrated tourist destination to me till now way commerciall and crowded.

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