HITCHHIKING IN THAILAND - My first experience

HITCHHIKING IN THAILAND - My first experience 

This article show how i  hitchhiked the first time in Thailand. I travelled for about 350 kilometres and got to travel on two - wheelers,  an off  - roader suv and truck. Although when i started to hitchhike everyone refused to take me along. Read this article to know the reason and don't commit that mistake while hitchhiking. 

I am on the road again.. and now starts "Mission Hitchhiking" I'll try to go as far as possible in the North. I am in Ayutthaya and now this road will take me to the highway. I have reached the highway. A lady on give me the lift. Though it is not easy to communicate with the locals because of the language difference. Here is a police station in front of me. Going to confirm that is it ok to hitchhike here or not!

There is no body here. But I used their washbasin to wash my face ;) Feeling fresh. There is a building over there. I am going there to get my water bottle refilled, if possible Wow! Free water! I don't know what is mentioned on this door! But i sew a library. I entered the building but there was nobody here. After sometime this lady came out. I asked for water. She not only gave me water but also guided me the route to Chiang Mai. Though she was not well versed with the Hitch Hiking.

Eventually another fellow joined the discussion. They tried to help me with information about places on the way to Chiang Mai. They told me to take lift up to Lampang... or Ang thong. At last, the generous lady offered me a bottle of water. I am back on the highway. Lets see how far can I go today. I am going to Chiang Mai which is 600 kilometres away from here. It is not necessary that all vehicles will go for so long distances, but most of them will go short distance like 100 or 200 kilometres. So I have found the nearby places with the help of Google Maps. Now I will ask people for lift.

The traffic signal has turned Red and I should approach the drivers. Let me try with someone else. She also refused. Now I should try with the truck drivers. Though asking everyone in this way is quite embarrassing. Now I am feeling very odd. You may have to face such problems. wherever Hitchhiking is not very popular. It was not difficult for me to Hitchhike during my Europe trip. Now I am going little ahead of this traffic signal.

I was feeling odd to ask every random driver for lift. Then a person kept on saying something. I don't have any clue what he wanted to say I got little scared. Maybe he wanted money for the lift Sometimes, It's so difficult to make people understand. what you want First lift in a car! Though, they are not taking me very far. I am going just 10 kilometres with them. I can't understand what they are speaking but I can recognise that they are trying to help me.

Then after a 20 kilometres . I get out this car.  And then i got another lift in a truck.
They are trying to figure out where the trucks belong by their registration number plate. Maybe they'll ask the truck driver to take me along. I got lift in this truck Are you going Tak ? Again, it took a lot of efforts to make them understand where i want to go. But now I am happy. This truck is fuelled by CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). So this is how my first day of Hitchhiking is going on I got a ride on a scooter, then a SUV and now .. going to travel in this truck. So lets start My journey in the truck begins now. Not able to wear the seat belt ..

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