How to get budget flight - travel tips

How to get budget flight - travel tips

This is the first blog of my Russia trip. I got a very cheap fight ticket from Delhi to Russia. In this article,  i have shared how i got a cheap flight to Russia.  This includes many tricks to get cheap flights to any part of the world.

Here I start a new Journey! This time you all know where am I going. I am going to Russia! This time I have a bigger bag than usual. I have two bags as this time my trip duration is 15 days! I had my flight at 1 AM however, now it is delayed. It is Air Astana now it will take off after 2 AM. This will take around 5-6 hours to reach Astana from New Delhi. Astana is the capital city of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan was a part of Russia and now it is a neighboring country of Russia.



Now my layover time would be 14 hours from 8 hours. My connecting flight in Astana is also delayed. Tomorrow from Astana I have flight to Omsk at 7 PM Omsk is in Russia In my next article. I will tell you why I booked my tickets to Omsk. Let's not wait for the next article.  I will tell you the reason in this article itself, that why I decided to go Omsk.  I promised to post a blog while I am in Russia However, I am not able to get enough time due to my way of travelling. I booked Omsk because, I got a cheap tickets to this place. Now I will tell you how I got the cheap tickets To book cheap tickets. I use Sky scanner, Kayak or Momon do So I checked on these websites and searched for those places where I can get cheap tickets. I will tell  you how I booked my tickets.

 First i go  sky I searched without a fixed destination. It shows for which places in the world, cheap tickets are available rather than searching for fixed dates keep your dates flexible. I also searched the same way and I saw Russia tickets for just INR 17000 (224usdollar). Usually people go to Moscow, however for me always the popular destination doesn’t matter I wanted to see Russia, when I saw that tickets are available for just 17000 Rs. to Omsk I thought I can at least go to Russia if not Moscow Omsk tickets were way cheaper then Moscow, So I booked my Omsk trip Once you in a country, you can travel to different places as per your convenience. For example in India you can land in any city and then travel to different places. The same thing I did in my this trip As my landing point. I chose Omsk from Omsk I will fly back to Delhi So this how I booked cheap flight tickets from Omsk, I have come to Novosibirsk From Omsk to Novosibirsk, I took a train for 1000 Ruble.


Now I will tell you more about getting cheap flight tickets Apart from sky scanner, you can also use or Book in advance to get good fare. You can also check on airlines’ website as well. This can also help you to get cheap tickets after taking references from Skyscanner, Kayak or Momondo etc websites you can directly check on airlines' website. Usually Fares are mostly on higher side on weekends. I booked my Delhi to Omsk tickets on Tuesday On weekdays, fare are usually cheaper Paytm, Make mytrip, and some other travel websites run deals on weekdays. Most of the travel companies run deals on weekdays Another trick is - Incognito or secret mode when we search again and again on these travel agent websites they come to know about the requirement of the person who is searching by using cookies, they increase the fare. Use incognito or Secret mode to avoid cookige .

 In google chrome this is the incognito mode In normal mode companies increase the fare artificially. Use local airlines I will give you an example. If a foreigner comes to India by Air India, Jet airways, Luftansa or KLM etc. He can use international flights to come to India Now when he has to travel within India It will be expensive, If he uses the same flights like Air India, Jet airways etc But if he knows that cheaper local websites like Indigo, spice Jet and goair are also available so he can travel economically within India. These local airlines are cheaper than international airlines my layover time in Astana was more than 8 hours when I went to Europe, my layover time in Dubai was 3-4 hours while going and 7-8 hours while coming back Flights with layover are cheaper If you don’t have any problem, take airlines with layover. If the Visa on arrival or free visa is available in the transit countries.

Sometimes you can explore other places during layover.  These are the tips which can help you get cheap flight tickets. I will see you in my next article Bye Bye!

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