INDIA To RUSSIA - Air Astana review

INDIA To RUSSIA - Air Astana review 


In just 17,000 inr ( 223 dollar) I got return fare from India to Russia. Air Astana offered the cheap fare although in this route.  Read full Article to how you can fly abroad for less money also to know how was my first experience with Air Astana. 

It is 02.32am , My journey has begun from Delhi to Astana with Air Astana. They have retained the boarding except for the counterfoil. According to the ground staff, the flight is full. That means I will not be getting any place to sleep When I was traveling to Europe. The flights from Delhi to Dubai and Dubai to Prague. My adjacent seats were vacant in both those flights As I had all the 3 seats for myself, I could sleep through those flights at ease. I don't think that's going to be possible today. I thinks it's a 6-hour flight and After that it's 14hrs in Astana. Let's see how the flight turns out to be... My seat number is 42A, .

Inside the plane

 This aircraft is called Embraer 190 Seating arrangement is two seats on either of the aisle. It is quite spacious and my bag is kept down up.  My seat numbers is 42 the wings are ahead.

Inside the plane

 It is the seat after the wings. It is wide enough and it is quite comfortable. The baggage cabinet space seems slightly crunche. My bag managed to fit in with a little difficulty there. It's a 4-hour long flight. It's going to be 3am It's 2.45 am right now I am not sleepy though. I am feeling a little uncomfortable because of being sleep deprived. I noticed something interesting here.

Inside the plane

 This is a bag that's on every seat. Let's see what is inside. . What's inside this.. What's this.. There  are ear plugs and a hand cream,  a tooth brush and tooth paste and last also  a small  towel.  This is nice, All the freebies Let's see how the food is going to taste Let's see Indian Time is 7:15 pm.

Inside the  Airport

 I've reached Astana After alighting the flight as you can see I've come through this passage And on the other side of my camera is the transfers area As I don't need to enter Astana. The ones who are entering Astana had to take this way There's a immigration check following which they can enter Astana, Kazakhstan But the ones who need to fly out of Astana They'd use these transfer flights You need to show your passport, inbound boarding pass and your outbound boarding pass that you'd fly by They will be a security check again.  So there's a security check happening in the background.

Inside the airplot

 I have managed to fix water I have asked this gentleman, if they have water I've given them the bottle and they have refilled it for me. It's bit of a challenge when you don't know the language As they do not follow English, so I just passed my bottle They have refilled it for me .

'Rakhmith' 'Rakhmith' in Kazakh means Thank you These are the magical words if you plan to go abroad, learn them. They really help One thing I really feel now is.. They've the dealt the passengers in an irresponsible manner.

I guess I am the only Air Astana passenger who has the longest layover. It's been over 12hrs I was constantly air Astana   being told that I would be served food. You'll be served breakfast atfood.m around 2 or 3pm you'll be served the lunch there wasn't any sign of any of them We'll find you by ourselves. You don't need to worry Nothing came in. I had to go to myself every time They have dealing it in a very irresponsible manner Finally when I said, It's fine if you can't arrange it. I'll do it myself. But atleast tell me before hand. The problem is I don't have any local currency here. So that I could go out and eat buy food by myself. I am not carrying any US dollars with me. I could still pay with my card though and buy food. Had they refused to provide food. I'd have done it myself Well! Even now the food they served is this.

This is rice and some curry here and bun here they served bun but there's no butter nor cheese with it It is weird. I don't know! They've just done it as a formality While. I was making the video in the morning. I was praising Air Astana for the kind of service. The staff, the crew onboard everyone were so good that. They service of food was good. But the ground staff here and in Delhi has been bad. I am going to eat my food.  I have to put up with this food. It's completely bland there's no salt no spice. There some boiled vegetables and rice that's all In South East Asian countries like , Thailand, Cambodia etc... I've survived and managed in the same manner Eating rice and some boiled veggies. It is bit of challenge for vegetarians. It's challenging but not it's not it's impossible to survive. You'll find something to eat somehow. I have found it. Don't worry if you think so Now, I have no clue what is tomato thing.

 This so thick Now I am feeling little better after eating Whatever it was.. Food or whatever If you set off and willing to eat to such food you can travel anywhere across the world. If you have more reservations you could find it difficult. All the announcements being made so far in this airport are in the local language and not in English If you happen to be in Astana and are using this airport. So one needs to be little attentive and agile On to my left is a display screen with the flight information. All my attention towards it In this regard, Delhi and Dubai Airport are very friendly As the announcements are made in English, Hindi and in the local language of the destination of the flight. We've taken off and we flying over Astana in Air Astana.

 In about 30 to 40 mins this flight would land in Omsk in Russia. now I have reached the largest country of the world - Russia Time now is 7.45pm in the might as per Indian time. I guess its 8.45pm or 8.15pm I'm not sure I need to check. But it's a difference of half hour or an hour. Right now I am Omsk Omsk is about 3000 or 2000kms away from Moscow. I am going to stay here for a day or two. The weather is really cold. I think I need my jacket now I am in the airport now. You can see the entry gates behind me On to my left is the passport control means there's an immigration check going on It was getting colder I had to wear my jacket. A lot of you might remember. A lot of were even missing this blue jacket Immigration and Customs formalities are done.


 I am out I am rushing now As my couch surfing host has been waiting for me. I don't know for how long. Now it's time to go I'll tell you something really good. I had to talk to him. There was no wifi around Omsk is very small airport for your information. There are lot of things which aren't there here. A gentleman has shared his Wifi hotspot with me. I have used their internet to reach out to my host. Another lady has lent me her phone to call my host.

 I met really good people in the beginning of my journey. I am glad and it really feels good I mentioned in the before that it is the responsibility of the airline To provide food and stay if the flight is delayed for longer time. But I am not sure to what is extent of the responsibility of the airline. What are the services the airline is supposed to provide it's passengers. Whether it's just the food or even stay is arranged by the airline Or what is served in food or is there a monetary compensation.

Please do share what are entitlements of the passenger. If the flight is delayed for whatever reasons. Please do share with me how do airlines compensate the passengers in such cases. Good bye ,  see you in  next article i mean blog.

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