Vegetarian breakfast in Bangkok - How someone made me overwhelmed

Vegetarian breakfast in Bangkok - How someone made me overwhelmed 

It is not easy to explore the world for vegetarians.  I had to face this problem during my recent trip to Thailand.  Read my full blog  to know how did i get my food on the first day of the trip! 

Last night I stayed at a CouchSurfer place in Rachatew . His house is somewhere there.. across these trees. That the BTS on the elevated track Now I am going to have my breakfast, because its already 9.30 AM. I am searching for a Supermarket or an ordinary market. I want to purchase fruits like Banana or something similar. I have to cross the road.

I just saw something to eat these are watermelons, but I don't like them and this is something (non-vegetarian), which I can not eat. I think I have found the market now. There are few shops on my right and left side but this isn't what I was expecting! I wanted Bananas, Oranges, Guava, etc.. But I think they are not available here ok.... I'll go ahead and search Yes, now I have reached the place which I was searching for I think, i should see the market before getting the Bananas.

The smell of Non-Vegetarian food here is terrible! I think I should go back I am hungry.. energy level is also getting low So, going back to get the breakfast first later on, I'll explore the market. I couldn't purchase anything from the market So, I am back to the '7 Eleven' store. Here One banana costs 8 Baht, that is 16 Indian Rupees, which is very costlier than India.. but I am hungry, so I am going to purchase things from here From this store, I have purchased- Bread, Banana & Cheese so this what I am going to have in my breakfast.

Now I am going to sit somewhere to have it I have got my water bottle refilled, As I don't like to purchase drinking water bottles. You can get groceries and other things from stores like 'Seven Eleven' They are almost everywhere in the big cities in Thailand and this is how the non-touristy Bangkok looks! An ordinary street of Bangkok I am starving! It is 10:30 AM and I haven't ate anything till now. While walking on the street. I was asking people for a place to sit and have my breakfast maybe a park or a public place .. But I couldn't get any.. So, I just sat down in front of a store to have my breakfas.. I am having a Banana and few slices of the whole wheat bread.

Its not easy to travel for vegetarian budget travellers and in my case.. (1) I am a vegetarian, (2) Also a budget traveller (3) I have also lost my wallet... I couldn't afford to eat at a restaurant. Let me share something which I learnt while travelling. Do not hesitate to ask people for help. I was at the '7 Eleven' store few minutes back .. I asked them for refilling my water bottle. They initially thought that I need mineral water .. But then I asked, Is it possible to get free water.. I am carrying a bottle. I took help from 'Google Translate' mobile app for English to Thai translation.. that they could understand what exactly I need. They eventually understood .. and helped me and again.. while I was looking for a space to sit and have my breakfast. I asked people for help People were very kind and helping. I asked for the permission from the store owner. Now I have got their permission to sit here and have breakfast

  So.. never hesitate to ask for help I believe, generally people are good and helpful all over the world wow! the store owner has just offered me a stool to sit and have breakfast comfortably :) Thanks to the owner :) ahh! Now I am stuffed I have packed the remaining bread and other stuff inside the bag. This is waste This is what I love the most while travelling.. when strangers come to you to offer their help I am really touched by their gesture :) How would you feel when you get a 'selfless help' from a stranger! I am really overwhelmed !

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