Wat Mahathat, old Ayutthaya - Thiland

Wat Mahathat, old Ayutthaya - Thailand 

I started the day from my hotel and then walked up to the wat Mahathat temples in old Ayutthaya. I approached the tourism kiosk to get the entry ticket,  but he said i could go for free.  Watch this video to know why did he allow me to enter without a ticket.

It is 10 am and I've just checked out of the hotel. I am going to visit Old Ayutthaya which was capital of ancient Thailand. There are temples and ruins of the old city.

People have kept their vehicle's headlights on even during the day time. It may be because of the traffic rule or due the awareness among the people especially 2 wheelers should always have their headlights on. I can see people use tinted car glasses in Thailand It is not allowed in India. Many mini-vans here  are going to Bangkok. Last year, I used a similar van on Cambodia's trip.

 The wide traffic-less roads and luxurious cars sometimes makes me feel that. I am somewhere in Europe. The sign boards written in Thai are the only things which makes me realise that this is Thailand. I am impressed by the infrastructural development. I stopped to see a message which I have got from a Couchsurfer based in Ayutthaya. Yesterday I sent couch requests to some of the hosts in this city. He is one of them He may be calling me in sometime. I was talking to the couchsurfing guy. He said, that being a Monday he has to be in office. So he won't be able to come & show me this place.

But he gave me a much-required advice of all the things to do and worth visiting places in Ayutthaya after visiting the place, today I am going to Hitchhike A direction board to Wat Mahathat Wat means a temple. For eg. Angkor wat Now I am going towards Wat Mahathat. Those are the ruins of the ancient capital. You can explore this place on a bike Rent a bike for a day in just 40 Baht Entry is free as Thailand is currently in a period of national mourning after the passing of the King. This temple complex reminds me of Cambodia's Angkor Wat This is UNESCO World Heritage site This temple is tilting to one side.

These all were built in 14th century. So these building are almost 400 years old Lots of people visit this place to see this.. The stone Buddha head entwined in tree roots. Its a bright sunny day, though not hot I can feel the cool breeze. This is another worth visiting place. This structure must be an important part of some building in ancient time. Do keep lot of water and something to eat whenever you visit this place because you may loose a lot of energy and fluids while walking in this huge complex Keep munching to maintain your energy level. This place is so tranquil that is why it attracts lot of visitors. Please respect the rules of this place Touching and climbing on the statues and other vital structures is strictly prohibited. Let me share this.. I have seen a lot of tourists from different parts of the world since morning but didn't see any Indian till now Also.. I saw many solo female travellers whereas in India, there are lot of apprehensions of travelling solo, especially when it comes to girls Friends.. Situation is different in other parts of the world. You have to step out of your home to experience a different world Many girls from other countries travel independently, travel solo. Even girls from our neighbour country like China are exploring countries alone. You just have to be careful & remember few basic things and you'll be ready to venture out Being careful doesn't mean that you have to restrict yourself from talking with strangers ... it doesn't mean that you don't have to mingle with others..

 It means - talk to strangers, make new friends, every moment try something new. It makes you so confident that you can tackle odd situations single handedly. You may commit mistakes By making mistakes you will in fact learn valuable life lessons Making mistakes is the key to making progress why do i get tired very soon! is it because I am carrying a lot of weight! I could have left my bags at the hotel, but... I didn't want to go back to collect my bags after visiting this place. I am planning to directly go to the highway to hitchhike. Though I am tired, yet I am enjoying The cool breeze, this water body, the whole environment.. I'll stay here until I want Where I want to go! I don't know This place is called 'Vihar' This structure used to be the part of a building in between are the pillars and the elevated structure.. there.. used to be a platform to keep Buddha idol The names like Vihar... Ayutthaya... are very similar to Hindi, Sanskrit and Pali. I read somewhere that many words in Thai language are borrowed from Sanskrit and Pali Actually, Thailand seem like a mix of Indo-Chinese cultural influences. Many words of the modern Thai language have been derived from Chinese Thailand has drawn great inspiration from India be it literature, theatre, arts, language, astrology, etc. I was looking at the map of Ancient Thailand. It was known as Siam in those days. If I am not wrong.... Laos and Cambodia were also the part of Siam in 12th or 13th century But eventually due to attacks from the Myanmar they lost their territory Due to the conflicts with other kingdoms...

Cambodia, Laos and others got separated from the erstwhile Siam and today, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand have their Independent existence. This place - Ayutthaya used to be the capital of ancient. Thailand and eventually, after many centuries Bangkok became the capital of the modern Thailand. You can spot such Tourist Information kiosks at prominent tourist places. I met him in the morning at the entry gate. A tourist can dial 1155 from anywhere in Thailand to get police assistance. This number is also toll free These structures seem to be quite different. It is said that these are the royal temples of the royal palace. These temples are different from all other structures here.

 A support has been provided to the old wall which was tilting on one side Since morning. I haven't seen any toilet or a drinking water place whereas, there were many good toilets built around Angkor wat temple complex. I did a full day trip on tuk-tuk at Angkor Wat Though the entry ticket was very expensive - 20 US Dollars. But they provided a very neat and clean toilet near every temple in these 20 USD. Its different here Although there is no place of drinking water even in Angkor wat and even here.

 Please keep a bottle of water with you Suddenly, I heard chants of mantras Going to see whats happening ! Who are the people chanting these! What is the occasion !! The mantras were being chanted at this place. Isn't their way of worshipping very close to ours! Elements like Fire, incense sticks, etc. are common in India and Thailand quite expensive.  Lets start 'Mission Hitch-Hiking' in next blog.  Good bye

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