How to get a tourist SIM in russia / russian bank

How to get a tourist sim in russia / russian bank

This is the first day of my Russian trip. I am in omsk . In this article  , you can see how to get a tourist sim in Russia. Also , you will come to know how to get Russian Ruble . Instead of using a money exchanger. I used an ATM which had its services available in English . Surprisingly , I got an excellent exchange rate by using the ATM . I can recommend this bank's ATM to every traveller as it gives a better exchange rate.Read it and reply in the comments section. 

This is exactly what I expected a non-touristy city to feel like. I've been asking people, but it isn't much help. I said that I'm looking for an ATM, I have to go to the toilet .The cold makes me want to use the toilet frequently.

 This is a normal area of Omsk And I am looking for an ATM now, I don't know what it is. This is probably a market I am facing a little trouble, and it's very cold as well. If you wanna see the reality of any country or any place .Then go to his non touristy place and see that Like I'm roaming in Omsk at this time.

 This is the real Russia Omsk is a small city .There is a bit of trouble here People don't understand English language .Taking help of Google Translate Getting to know a little. But I wanna go to the toilet and looking for an ATM. Didn't get I translated to ATM then Банкомат was written there .Now I have to ask the same.

 What can be the problem, in the withdrawal of money outside the place Where people don't understand your language I went to this bank inside And I was withdrawing money from the bank but the money was not withdrawn. So I started taking help from the bank staff .They tried to help But the problem is, they told me that You will be able to withdraw just that money at a time. Although I wanted more because If I repeatedly withdraw .The transaction charges would take more than once I wanted to withdraw 15000 Rubels at the same time. But I was not getting here more than 8000 Rubels .

So there is another bank infront of me I go there once and see It took half an hour inside In explaining my point and doing the whole process. I had withdrawn from the ATM first I didn't understand what was written the slip that came out of the ATM.
Then an employee saw that And she took me somewhere .He helped whom she took me but At the same time more than 8000 Rubels isn't able to get out And the bank was charging commission of 320 Rubels I was trying to withdraw from the Axis Bank account Well, there is another bank on the front side I try it once Well, here's an ATM Will try this directly. The problem was that I was accessing it but Everything is in Russian language, inserted card inside it afterwards all the instructions. That's all here in the local Russian language Which I couldn't understand .So I have to go back to a bank and get some help from the bank employees. This is another bank Try to get help from them. Had to withdraw money .But entered the shoe store .

But got to know that Where the bank Then I see a Atm is in English... Entered the pin code and then entered it Get Cash And withdrawal limit for cards of other banks is... Well... mine is savings bank And I have to withdraw 15000 Rubels 15000 Rubels. I have to withdraw I want big notes Print the receipt One... Two... Three... 5000 Rubels note .

This is a note of 5000 Rubels 3 notes have come out 15000 Rubels are withdrawn First of all, I have to see the sms that come to me. How much money has debited in that I was able to do this transaction because That ATM is Of this Bank I don't know what it's name is but Due to being in English language i was able to do transaction myself .I have got the sms And for 15000 Rubels. I was debited for 16701 Indian Rupees from my bank 16701 Is divided by 15000 Which is equal to 1.11 I don't think there was anything cheaper than that Wow ! I'll only be able to tell you after I get internet that what is the conversion charge in today's date. But I'm feeling great After using this ATM In very less conversion charge and very less commission I have withdrawn 15000 Rubels And 16000 Indian Rupees debited from my bank account.

So the rate of conversion charged very less And if the commission charged then it is very less otherwise In Kolkata, I called my Axis Bank in Asansol .They told me that we don't do this work and can't give you Rubels .There is a vendor in Kolkata, lets talk to him The man was giving me only 11000 Rubels in exchange with 20000 Indian Rupees. The rate was very poor... 1.85 or 1.9 Indian Rupees for 1 Rubel. Which was too much for that .He was giving only 11000 Rubels in exchange with 20000 Indian Rupees. But here i have got 15000 Rubels in exchange with 16701 Indian Rupees Which is a very good deal So ! Sir... I have taken money Money has been withdrawn from ATM. Has not gone anywhere on any exchange point And now my next target. Now I need a tourist sim  .

Then I saw a people i asked him  can you please help me Where from can I get a tourist sim Sim card... He then asked Do you wanna buy sim card? i tell Yes... Yes... Then he  asked You should buy Tele2 sim card I'm sorry! Which sim card? Tele2 Oh! Not MTS? Not Beeline? You can buy MTS Is it cheap or? Calls will be I'll basically access... And what about the roaming charges? If you call Tele2 from Tele2 It's free Alright! But... I wont be calling anyone I have to access internet. These people are walking very fast.

 Then i asked him good internet speed in Tele2 Ya! But... Is it cheap? How much data do I get? This is cheap Alright! Thank You... Some people suggested me Beeline and MTS but Walking on the road, I met these 3-4 people and they told me that you should buy Tele2 sim And these people are also helping me .These people have also explained to me that how much is this plan for Currently, I'm paying 299 Rubels And what I get in 299 Rubels is 300 minutes for the other operators 300 minutes free And 50 sms On any network And Tele2 to Tele2 call is free? This sim card This plan is valid for one month So I think It's best for 15 days in 300 Rubels If you got rush in next time .You can use it Ok... Alright I have given my passport to get the sim And it has 4G network And I can access Whatsapp and Facebook free of charge I don't understand what is the meaning of free access in it Will I upload my pictures then the data charge will not be applicable for facebook and whatsapp I don't know this If I'm going live on facebook then. Do I have to pay the data charge I don't know You will tell If you know after seeing then I have bought Tele2 sim in 299 Rubels. And those 3 people who helped me in buying the sim are standing here.

This is Burger King and Actually, these people are taking me to get free Wi-Fi access. I asked them if there is such a place where I can get free Wi-Fi access .... I think I sat here for 2 hours at this place It's a mall It's not a shopping mall but There was a place to sit and I sat there for a long time Charged my mobile.

Charged my gimble Charged my camera Charged my laptop Everything has been charged .Have posted a lot of posts on Instagram Comfortably sitting .Planned for ahead by searching on google. Sat here for about 2 hours, a lot of work is done Now the status is that I've got the money I have withdrawn Russian Rubels And I have got the sim Now I'm fully equipped for my Russian trip .I'm ready for my trip Today is the first day of my Russia trip.  My first half of the day, passed in a school where my host is a teacher And in second half of the day, I have withdrawn money from the ATM Have bought a sim. That mobile sim store is infront of me Tele2 There it is... In black color And now.

 I will roam like this Will explore Omsk So how did you feel after reading my article ( blog) .Let me know In comments And if you have come to this website   for the first time .Then please subscribe our newsletter . Because Pressing on it Will give you notifications. Whenever the next article  will be come Of this series or any upcoming series. You will know automatically On your mobile... On your smartphone Or you will recieve an E-Mail that the article  has been uplodaded So... Will meet in the next article  Bye !

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