Omsk - A Normal day in russia

Omsk - a Normal day in russia


How is a Siberian town or city? In this Article , you will get a glimpse of Omsk, a city in Siberia, Russia.Also, you will come to know how the people of Russia are! Despite language barrier how a tourist like me can travel to unknown and non-touristy places in Russia.



This tank is suggested tourist attraction in Omsk by Google. Its very cold here. Omsk is a Siberian city.

I can't understand what is written here, but seems to be of historical importance. In front of me is Irytsh river. This is the river front. People are jogging, cycling, walking, enjoying the river front.


How should I cross the road !! Oh! I should cross like him wow! They stopped for me !! The car driver asked me to cross the road first. I am amazed! This is called Traffic sense. I am happy to see this.

Russian car      I   Expediences  the same in Vienna, Austria. They allow the pedestrians to use the road first. This shows how a common Russian citizen. This river is very clean Scenery looks dramatic because of the overcast sky Behind me are the buildings of Omsk city.

Its 6:10 pm NOW  I am going back to my host's home. Lets see people stop for me or not! Wow! I am glad to see how disciplined the people are People stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings.

 This is a usual day in Omsk. This is a ususal city of Russia. Its 6:30 pm Now I am going back to my host's place. We may go to visit some other place after the dinner . I am at Lenin street in Omsk. Its beautiful This seems to be a typical Russian architecture.

Next Day :

Russian man

It is  8:45 am My second day in Russia has begun. Today I am planning to travel in a train to Novosibirsk. Its raining Its very cold here. I could not understand what he wanted to say. All I could understand was... Go that side and take the tram. Its drizzling Tram ticket costs 22 ruble. I think you pay 22 Ruble to travel anywhere in Omsk through trams and buses.

She said 'DA' which means 'Yes' I learnt this from an Hindi movie 'Mera Naam Joker' The lead actor Raj Kapoor says DA-DA with his Russian friend in that film. I could not understand what the are saying. Thanks to Google Translate :) Though language is a barrier but people all over the world are wonderful Finally I reached Omsk train station.. Google Translate and Maps apps are very helpful in such condition. Thats Omsk train station.

Good bye see you next article ( blog) .

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